Ā»Men of Soccer | Football Player’s AestheticsĀ« is a soccer and art project.

Men of Soccer has set itself the task of emphasizing the aesthetics of football, but above all the aesthetics of the football player through pictures, videos and snapshots.

The footballer strives for sporty perfection. He does not only work on his mental abilities, such as developing a strategic and tactical advantage for himself and his team, but rather on his physique to perform efficiently on the field, for which he trains his body and his being daily.

Through this training, the player develops a combative nature so that he scores goals with his team on the field and decides the game and thus wins.

Strong legs, strong calves, a muscular and well-toned body make a professional footballer. Men of Soccer has a special focus on the aesthetics that football is about.

The interaction of muscles, power and passion becomes perceptible to us only by capturing a moment in a picture. It is precisely these perceptions, sensory impressions and emotions that Men of Soccer describes with the term aesthetics.

It is the individual players who use their body, technique and nature to turn a football game into a piece of art. The footballer is not just an aesthetic athlete, but a fighter and an artist.

Sporty aesthetics is art.

    Men of Soccer | Football Player's Aesthetics